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National Celebration Day

Taipei 1-day trip

rain 23 °C

10 Oct is Taiwan National Day and it always has big celebration nationwide. Dad suggested a day trip to Taipei, capital of Taiwan to see the big parade and visit the National Palace Museum (free entry today due to the celebration). We were dropped off early at the High speed train station which took us an hour to travel from Taichung to Taipei.

Once we arrived in Taipei, we swapped to metro and went to Taipei 101 and walked to National Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Momorial Hall. He was the founder/pioneer of Republic of China and it was good to look through the exhibitions and learn the history of Taiwan (ROC). We then moved near to National Chiang Kai-Shek Momorial Hall where the parade was and held. Even as it started to rain a little, many people were still out on the street without their umbrellas.
As it was free entry today to National Palace Museum, a lot of people had the same idea of taking advantage of it. There were so many people there with various nationalities and also tourist groups from Korea and Japan. By the time we looked through half of it we were really tired; nonetheless we continued on and got back to memorial hall in time to see some of the Native Taiwanese Tribe performance.
By the time we looked around for dinner, it was really bucketing down. We had to get ourselves an umbrella because we weren’t fullly prepared for a wet day. After dinner we decided to call it a day and head home. It was again an hour on the train back to Taichung and fortunately we had seats on the Train to rest our sore feet.

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Always on the go

semi-overcast 28 °C

We moved to stay at my aunty’s place last night and it was cool to let Phil experience the local housing in Taiwan - quite different to NZ in certain areas 😆 In the morning we walked to get our breakfast (yes we eat out for breakfast too!) then mum took us to the district council to sort my local licence. I finally got to learn what medical was required to gain a driving licence in Taiwan. So in NZ, the visual part was only just vision (visual acuity) and peripheral vision; in Taiwan however they tested more: colour vision, night vision then on top of that mobility and hearing! They even got a record of my height and weight...I wonder why they needed those particular measurements 🤔

I’m now officially a legal driver on the road! Although I have never driven a left hand drive car and would be a bit hesitant to be on the road actually. After that we arrived back at the dentist for Phil’s turn on the chair. It turn out to be a good experience for him surprisingly because there was no pain even thought he needed a filling and a clean. The dentist even said he was lucky to be “handsome with good teeth”! LOL 😂🤣

We then moved on to sort mum’s glasses as her existing pair was getting tired. It was interesting to see how Taiwanese optometrists work and to be honest it was similar to what we do in NZ. I took heaps of photos like a tourist because I fuond it so fascinating... hehe...

Lunch was a very yummy Japanese restaurant and after that we had a quick walk around and got a few tech stuff. Mum booked me a Chinese massage in the afternoon and it was good. 2 hours for NT$1400 (equivalent to NZD$70), very good deal!

Mum and dad took us to the Art Museum for a walk for pre-dinner exercise then we had several Taiwanese local street food as dinner. I think Phil enjoyed it, i could say I certainly did anyway. I miss the food in Taiwan 😍

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Busy day


sunny 29 °C

After our big night and another night at our nice hotel, I fueled myself up once again with their yummy breakfast in the morning before checking out. I had a dentist appointment because it had been a few years since I visited one of them. I was aware of one filling required and it was definitely time for a good clean. While we were at the dentist, we booked Phil in for a visit too (tomorrow) as he was also overdue for his dental care.

A visit to the bank to sort the bank card I lost and also to set a budget of what we could spend in Taiwan. The process was surprisingly long and when we were finally done it was past lunch time. It was a sunny and hot day. In the afternoon we took mum’s car to get its WOF done and shop around in the area. As we had been thinking of updating our phones, we contemplated if we had enough budget to get new phones and decided that we should just do it anyway... 😆 without thinking of the consequences we had a huge spent on our third day in Taiwan! That didn’t stop there either, I continued on to get some ‘essentials’ and basically used up a very big chunk of our budget 😱😱😱..... uh-oh.... all that budgeting in mind and I just blew it. 😭😫I guess from now on we have to be VERY careful on what we spend on...😨😓😞

We looked around more then had Japanese for dinner but met up with dad and his friends who then tried to feed us more seafood at where they had their dinner). Wow I wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up gaining a few extra after my trip! Phil was putting on some too but he needed it anyway 😝

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Second wedding reception

sunny 31 °C

Dad said we could sleep in because there wasn’t much planned this morning; however as we enjoyed our breakfast around 9 a.m. he called to say he was here at our hotel and could take us to do our laundry. I must say the hotel breakfast was SO MUCH better than the ones in Europe (although we were probably taken to cheap hotels in Europe). There were so many options from European cereal, bakery, various fruit options to Asian selections of buns, congee and noodles - basically anything you can think of they were there and very yummy!
So our morning was doing our laundry then pick up my dresses for tonight. We had a bit of a rest after lunch before heading to the venue and had my hair and make up done. I had no previous trial with this lady who was in charge of my hair and makeup and she only had the photos of my dresses from the night before to judge what style to do up for me.
Fortunately my friend and aunties/cousins showed up early to help me sort a lot of other things so all I had to do was to sit tight and be pretty.
In Taiwan, most brides would usually have three dresses to change into during the reception but I was happy to have one for entry and the other for thanking the guests once the meal was over and they were on the way home. It was quite a mission to get changed and luckily I had some helpers. The time went past quickly and I didn’t get to eat much but I wasn’t hungry. Overall it was an enjoyable night with friends and family, it was definitely nice to see some familiar faces I haven’t seen for years.

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Taipei to Taichung

overcast 28 °C
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Well we lost half a day of Saturday since we arrived only about 5pm in Taipei. The flights were alright I think both Phil and I managed to have a small nap but the quality wasn’t great.
Mum picked us up and it took us just under 2 hours to arrive back in Taichung. We went and checked into our hotel first (the staff handled our luggage and brought it up to our hotel room for us) then we headed to the dress shop to pick my outfits out for tomorrow’s big night. After trying several dresses, we made our decision and picked two.

Even in the evening, it was still quite warm so after dinner we went back to our air-conditioned hotel to have a nice rest. It had been so long since I last had a decent night view of a city so Phil and I took in front of our hotel window on 18th floor to take it in.

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